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Leader's speech

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Dear customers, hello!
Since its establishment, Weifang LeinuoTurbine Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the entrepreneurial spirit of "taking science and technology as the guide, developing with innovation, survival with quality, and treating customers with integrity", and has implemented the operation of "talent-oriented, technology leading, user first" idea. Conscientiously implement the national macro policy of energy saving and emission reduction, with the mission of developing high-efficiency and energy-saving turbines and catching up with the international advanced level, with the goal of achieving double economic and social benefits. Efficiency and industrialization have made due contributions.
At present, the company has developed a full range of high-speed, high-efficiency and energy-saving steam turbines in the fields of waste heat power generation below 80MW, biomass power generation, waste power generation, and combined heat and power generation, which are exported to domestic and international markets. Over the years, our company has won the favor of our customers with excellent product performance and good product quality, and the market share has continued to increase. All these achievements can not be achieved without the meticulous care of our customers and our company ’s product technology and Quality assured. The employees of Renault Turbine are always grateful and continue to use actions to create one miracle after another for the benefit of customers.
In the future, our company will do its utmost to make the best quality products for the vast number of respected users. "Give Renault a chance, Renault will create a miracle for you", believe Renault.



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